Leica M9. Never thought Iíd do it. Low shutter count at 3880. Bought new in 2010 as an insurance replacement but the original owner that it was bought for already went out and replaced the stolen camera. He sold this to me pretty shortly afterwards. Original sales receipt included.

I have used the M9 pretty continuously up until a year ago but am not a street shooter. Comes with 4 batteries, all except one are OEM. Given the low shutter count no idea why I needed 4 batteries. I canít find the box but I do have the manual and folder. I donít have the original body cap but who cares.

I will also include two softies as well as a custom Luigi Leicatime leather case in black with red felt interior. It has the totally detachable rear window but I asked him to make easily detachable lug hooks to put on a wrist strap when I wanted to. Iím keeping the wrist strap. Iíve had a go at removing most of the grit that wants to embed to the bottom of the case but you may want to use your own roll of scotch tape to continue the task. If you donít want this then we can adjust the price accordingly.

Camera has a Schott screen protector on it. There is some brassing on the bottom plate.

Never had any issues whatsoever with anything, literally just reading now about shutter corrosion. Everything works. $3,000

Leica 12592 A58 hood. Just the hood and cap, $150 shipped.

Leica 12598 A49 lens hood. Just the hood and cap, $60 shipped

24/2.8 Elmarit with hood and all caps. The end cap is generic. Serial number gives the date of manufacture as 1996. The pouch is also included, I found it in the box when I packaged the lens up. $1700

35/1.4 Summilux ASPH, pre-FLE. Comes with box and pouch. Serial number dates it at 2007. Everything is clean and clear. 6 bit coded. Easily the best lens that I have ever owned. $2700

50/2 Summicron. Serial number puts the date of manufacture 2000-2004. Glass is clean and clear, comes with box, pouch, generic back cap and Leica front cap. 6 bit coded. $1150