SOLD (fast!)

Price: $3,899.00
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: 9 Shows signs of use, but very clean

Please note: The firm $3899 price includes PayPal and USPS Priority Shipping. I am pricing for a quick sale. Please do not message me unless you definitely want to buy the camera and have PayPal payment ready to go right now.

US only, no trades, no exceptions please.

I am selling a black Leica M240 which I bought in May 2014 for $5995 as a "demo" from Camera West. It was indistinguishable from new and unused.

It is still in truly excellent condition. The small marks and "scratches" you see in the high-res pictures are fingerprints and dust that you can wipe/blow off. The only marks I see that are real are a tiny bit of finish loss around the edge of the bottom plate, one tiny bright mark on the finish (hard to see), and a small mark on one of the strap guards (see pic). It's possible there is some tiny rub mark or scratch that I am not noticing. Please assume that there is so that you are still happy in that event. I am purposely pricing this camera a few hundred dollars lower than the going rate so I can have a hassle-free sale.

I don't know of any way to check actuations with this camera, but it is one of many cameras in my rotation, so you can be assured it is low mileage. There are 5862 M240 images in my Lightroom library, and I don't delete the "non-keepers", so my best (conservative) guess accounting for a small minority of photos that didn't make it to Lightroom is that I've taken less than 8k actuations.

There has always been a screen protector on the LCD. I made my own protector for the bottom plate (probably should have left the original one on there since mine doesn't have 100% coverage.

You get:
-Olympus silver VF-2 EVF (good condition)
-2 OEM batteries
-Body cap
-Thumbs-Up EP-10S (has some brassing, see pics)
-Thumbie (also has a bit of finish loss; is currently mounted on camera, can be removed using twisting motion but I prefer this to the Thumbs-Up because it allows simultaneous use of EVF)

Please note the following disclaimers:

1) Last year I would occasionally note a camera lock-up requiring battery pull when I shot too many photos in rapid burst. It didn't happen often at all, but it did sometimes happen (a known issue with the M240). In recent months this hasn't happened to me at all. Whether this is because of the firmware update (, the type of cards I am now using (16GB Samsung) or something else, I cannot say. That said, I do not warranty that you will never experience such a lock up.

2) Focus is accurate with my Leica lenses (35/1.4 FLE, 50/1.4 ASPH). I do not guarantee accurate focus with your Leica lenses.

3) I have never cleaned the sensor other than using a Giottos rocket blower (not often). I haven't noticed any, but I shoot mostly family photos (not deep DOF skies), and there is probably the usual sensor dust. If you are bothered by dust, figure on maybe having to do a cleaning.

4) I used the tiniest dab of clear nail polish on the included/attached soft release so it wouldn't fall out. It has remained secure for me. I only mentioned this in case you are worried that this could somehow gum up the release. I have always done this and have never had an issue.


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