Bought a Phase One 645 DF+ Camera, IQ 250 Digital Back and a 110mm Schneider-Kreuznach, leaf shutter, f2.8 auto focus lens in January 2015 and rarely use it. It's a top-of-the-line ensemble that takes exquisite photos, but for me it's like owning an expensive car that I never drive. It has less than a 2200 shot count. I have discounted it by $11,000 off the initial purchase price (see attachment) and the entire package is for sale at $26,000. Someone should have the privilege of using this high-end, as close to new as you can get, photography package. It is an extremely attractive and firm price. I will include all the accessories that came with it including its custom travel case and additional batteries that I purchased. I will even include a Profoto Air Remote triggering device for use with Profoto strobes. The camera, back and lens come with the manufacturer's warranty. (see attachment)

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