Keep selling gear and cleaning the closet.

-Leica M9P. In excellent condition. Just a few dust spot inside the viewfinder which don't affect image quality at all. Comes fully boxed, papers, charger, cables, battery, strap. 3150

-Leica M4P in excellent condition, just a few marks on the back. It was serviced 18 months ago and used it for 40 rolls since. Is super smooth (one of the smoothes I've ever used). Rangefinder is aligned, patch is contrasty and clear, speed accurate and smooth... a dream! 650

-Leica Elmar-M 50mm V2. Fully boxed and complete and almost MINT. 650

-Leica Summicron 40 (1). Was serviced a month ago, cleaned and adjusted. Is super smooth and MINT glass condition. Comes with a third party metal hood and front cap. 450

-Leica Summicron 40 (2). Purchased here, comes with original hood. Glass perfect, rings smooth. 400

-Filters e39
B+W and Heliopan SMC, 35 each one.
Leica UVa, boxed. 50

-Filters e43
-B+W F-PRO. 35

-Filters e46:
Leica UV/IR boxed and chrome. 55
B+W MRC boxed. 40

Leica #12585. 75
Leica #12586 75
Leica ‪#‎12521G‬ 120

-Artic Butterfly 778, cleaning brush for digital sensors. 70

-Mr. Zhou case for digital leicas from M8 to MM (type 1). 40

Shipping costs are not included and I can ship worldwide.

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