i have the following for sale:

1. Leica M6 .72 (non-TTL). Camera needs a new rewind screw and exposure meter. I priced the and they should run about $250.00. I bought this camera with an old 90/2.8, which will be a part of the deal. These will not be sold separately. I also have a Canon 35 in LTM that I will throw in. I do NOT have the lens caps for the lens, nor do I have a body cap for the body. However, I do have the box the camera originally came in. $900.00.

2. Leica 50/1.4R with Leitax adapter for Sony A mount. If one is mechanically inclined, he / she can reverse engineer the adapter to put the original mount back on the lens. The lens was repaired by DAG a few years ago because the internal lubrication was dried out. The seller didn't tell me about that issue. Nevertheless, it became a stellar performer. I moved several times since I bought the lens so I don't have any of original lens and mount covers. I also have the 180/4 lens that was adapted for the A mount that I will throw in. $950.00

Please pm me if anyone is interested.