Wimberley WH-200, Nikon 500mm f8 Reflex

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Wimberley Head Version II (WH-200)
Function: everything functions smoothly, awesome gimbal
Cosmetics: Shows definite signs of use, small scratches over a lot of the head, some paint loss around the edges, nothing that affects function though
Accessories: None

Nikon 500mm f8 Reflex-Nikkor (newer version)
This is pretty much the king of mirror lenses
Price: $350 shipped
Glass: Clean and clear, no scratches fungus or haze. Itís an older lens so it has some dust.
Aperture: Doesnít have one (and thatís the way itís supposed to be)
Focus: Smooth with the classic ďone finger focusĒ that Kenny R loves so much
Cosmetics: Overall very good (especially for the age of this lens), no major scratches or anything. Maybe some light marks if you look close enough but I canít see many signs of use. The front cap is in decent condition, the case is in fairly good condition and 4 of the 5 filters havenít even been taken out of their wrapping (or they were put back in there, I canít tell 100% and Iíll leave them packed up)
Accessories: Front and rear caps, hardcase, 5 original 39mm filters
Notes: No clue if itís Canadian or American lens, I doubt it matters due to the age of the lens.

Wimberley WH-200

Nikon 500mm f8