Greetings All,

After much consideration and exploration, I have decided that my next-step is buying a used Leaf Credo-60, Hassy V-mount.

I think it's realistic to project a purchase sometime by March 2016.

If you'd like to begin discussing your back with me now, I'd like to get to know you and how the back was used, how you liked it, what were the drawbacks you found......things like that.

A PM might be best, or my direct email ([email protected]).....please feel comfortable.

The purchase will likely involve me paying freight (out-bound and in-bound) for you to ship the back to a reputable dealer for evaluation. If we can agree on a reasonable price, the dealer will be reimbursed for services, your purchase price will be transmitted to you, and the back will be shipped to me.

If there is some unfortunate feature of the back that prevents completing the transaction, I'll pay freight back to you...all safe transit assured.

Please let me know your musings...and feelings...

Best regards,