I bought this camera recently, cause I thought I would use the lens. In the meantime I have decided to let go of al my Leica equipment (see my other FS thread: FS: Leica M8, Leica CL and numerous Leica M and LTM lenses ).

The camera looks quite nice, but needs some CLA. The rangefinder patch is hardly visible. The shutter seems to work o.k., but since it only has the short speeds anyway, itīs hard to really tell how accurate they are. The camera has a clean appearance and the vulcanit is complete. The serial number is also very nice being 447200 which makes it a 1952 IIc, as far as I could find out.

The Summitar that comes with it is quite a bit older. 505734 is the serial and means it was probably produced in 1939. The glass looks really good with no visible cleaning marks with the naked eye and no fog or haze. Dust is there, but nothing severe, Iīd say. But generaly speaking I think those descriptions are quite subjective. I think it would be worth giving it a CLA, which it needs if you want to use other than wide open. The aperture ring is very, very stiff. Itīs more likely to unscrew the front elements from the housing than turning the ring. The aperture blades are very clean, though. No oil residue whatsoever and it is the older design with 10 (?) blades.

Pictures of the camera can be found here:


I really donīt know what a fair price would be, so Iīd say I start with 400 CHF (CHF and US$ 1:1) or best offer

I live in Zurich, Switzerland, hence if youīd like to pay via paypal you would have to do so in Swiss Francs CHF (right now about 1:1 with the US$) and add the fees.

Insured shipping worldwide is about 65$, if you donīt need insurance itīs 45$. Within the EU it is about 25€ fully insured.

For reference, I have sold stuff on LuLa and get dpi before and have a 100% feedback over the last 15 years on ebay under my username fotolli