Selling one of these:

Chimera speed ring for Profoto lights. Will fit any Profoto head except for the very newest D1 lights which aren't even on the market yet. Totally off topic, but Profoto shot themselves in the foot with the D1 lights in my opinion. But I digress....

Anyway, some surface scuffs and scratches from use, but no damage of any sort. Perfect functionality. It's a speedring folks, let's be serious.

$85 shipped CONUS, Paypal only. Worldwide shipping available at cost.

I also have a Profoto sync cord - 1/4" mono to 3.5mm mono. Same for Alienbees and White Lightning *I think*. $10 with the speedring, $13 to ship it separately.

I'm in Northern NJ (NYC area) in case you're local. Tons of feedback on fleabay and various photo forums, although I'm obviously new to GetDPI.

That's it!