Hi guys,

Most of my lenses are like new. The 50LUX and the 90APO are in fact only 6 months old, and have ONLY been mounted to test performance (check for IQ issues). All lenses have full box/contents aside from the 50APO and the 21Lux (only front and rear caps).

These all work great on an M camera or the new SL :P

21mm Summilux-ASPH - User condition front and rear cap + hood
Asking $4,000 - stunning on the SL!!

35mm Summilux-FLE-ASPH - Mint w/box
Asking $3,900

50mm Summilux-ASPH - New w/warranty/box
Asking $3,000

50mm Summicron-APO - Almost mint front and rear cap
Asking $5,300

75mm Summicron-APO - Mint w/box
Asking $2,600

90mm Summicron-APO New w/warranty/box
Asking $2,900

All lenses work as they should with no issues. All lenses are in proper calibration with my remaining RF body. If you're wondering, I'm keeping three lenses only, and they're not listed here.

Would prefer local L.A. area deals. Prices are nego if reasonable.