Kodak Pakon F-135 Plus scanner.

Brand new - used for about 10 frames. This scanner scans at 3 resolutions, 1000x1500, 1500x2250, and 2000x3000. Has digital ICE. At the highest resolution with ICE on, scans over 380 frames per hour. The fastest setting at low resolution with no ICE, it scans 2000 frames per hour. Only scans C-41 film. As I shoot mostly B&W, I realized this scanner won't work for me.

The software allows basic manipulations for color balance, brightness, contrast and sharpness. However, the scanner applies some adjustments automatically that gets things 90% of the way there. It automatically reads the DX coding for frame numbers and automatically frames images correctly.

Software outputs jpg and tiff. Software also allows the creation of prints, index prints, and contact prints and can route to either of one of two printers or save to file. So you can scan a roll at max resolution, and automatically save files (or actually print) an index print, a contact sheet, a set of 4x6's and a set of 8x10's.

Comes software, power supply, and USB cable. Requires a Windows XP or 2000 computer to run. I tested it on a new Dell laptop running XP and had no problems. Not sure if Vista will work.

This scanner is perfect for someone who shoots a decent amount of C-41 film. Where I live, it costs me about $4/roll for a low res minilab scan of a roll, so it wouldn't take long to recoup your costs. Perfect for online posting or quick proofs (4x6's or 8x10's) of your shots to figure out what you want to go back on and work at higher quality.

Some specs can be found here: