This lens has a Leitax Nikon mount. It was converted professionally by a Leica trained camera tech in Australia which included the shaving required to clear the mirror on my D800E. I also have the original Leica mount, so you can have it as well, and you can put it back to full Leica specifications in the original mount if desired.

The Leitax mount makes it easy to convert to any other available Leitax lens mount, as you simply need to purchase any other Leitax mount and remove this one and put that one on, and you're good to go.

I bought this lens from another forum member a couple of years back when I was changing from Hasselblad to Nikon. I bought it for completeness of my lens lineup but I shoot long most of the time. My Zeiss 135 is, by far, my most used lens.

I will ship it anywhere at your expense.