Selling the Cokin X-Pro filters that Iíve been using on myPhase One lenses for the simple reason that I no longer need them. Up until recently I had been using the LeeSW150 for my Mamiya 28D lens and the Cokin X-Pro for my Schneider LS 35, 40-80and 75-150 lenses. Having dual filtersis a real PIA. Lee recently released a105mm adaptor ring for 2-of my wider lenses (already offering the 95mm for the75-150). It became a no-brainer for meto make the switch to one system with the release of the 105mm.
Iím selling this as a kit and am unwilling to part it out asit would become too much of a PIA to do so with shipping etc. So please do not askfor a single filter. Iím going to makethis as attractive as possible so someone will think of buying it forthemselves then part out what they donít need.
Hereís the list with a current price found on B&H. Each part is like new conditionÖ

X-Pro filter holder $90.89
105mmx 1.00 ring $74.85
95mmx 1.00 ring $66.95
Filter wallet (holds 10) $39.34
X121 $115.25
X154 $92.80
X121F $115.25
X198 $115.23
X003 $70.35
X020 $84.28
X029 $77.26
X850 $119.60
Singh-Ray Filters
ND2G-SS $275.00
5Stop 105mm thin $430.00
10stop 130mmx130mm $475.00

Total if bought separately is $2,242.05 as priced on B&H& Singh-Ray websites.
Selling the above for $1,100 which includes PayPal and CONUSshipping, outside CONUS shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.
Again, this is for the entire kit as listed.