I have recently been shooting a nice Horseman 45FA, but find myself wanting to also try a 4x5 monorail in order to experiment with larger/freer movements (and the style of camera, too). I've been shopping for possibilities on eBay, but it's such a dice-roll that I decided to also try here. If anyone has something like the below that you would like to part with, let me know. I'd like to stay below, say, $750 or so, preferably for a body with back and a lens board or two (so, sadly no Technikardan for me, unless you're feeling charitable ). I'll stretch for something really tasty, of course. EX condition would be nice, but for a higher-grade system I'm happy to have something in BGN condition but in great working condition.

I'd like something relatively portable. Here is what has caught my eye so far, but feel free to propose alternatives you may have:

  • Sinar F1 or F2
  • Arca-Swiss F-Line (cost stretch, I know). Pre F-line considered, too.
  • Horseman L series (portability stretch, I know)
  • Shen-Hao non-folder

It's possible we could work out a trade/cash deal. Let me know what you're looking for if you have something that might interest me.