The title says it all: for sale

- Leica 2.8/21, pre-ASPH, perfect conditions, CLA'd & coded by Leica Germany, w/box, pouch, I'll throw in a IR Leica 60mm filter: 1.700 Euro;

- Zeiss 2/35 Biogon, LN in box, w/Milich adapter (I'll give you the original bayonet too, in case you will be using it on a Zeiss Ikon), plus a Leica IR filter: 750 euro;

- Zeiss 2/50 Planar, LN in box, w/Milich adapter (as well with the original bayonet), plus a bonus Leica filter: 550 euro;

Prices does not include shipping charges; if you don't need the Leica filter, price will be reduced by 50 euros.

Or exchange with a black mint MP (money to be adjusted if needed). Thanks!