I have an excellent+ condition 28/1.4, glass perfect, for your consideration. I am going to purchase the new Leica 24mm 1.4, for 6K, thus the sale. I bought it 5 years ago as a "reconditioned" sample in a Nikon box that designated it thusly from Cameta out here on Long Island. It was in perfect condition and delivered wonderful images. It developed the trademark hairline crack in the aperture ring which I actually didn't notice till after I sold it 2 years ago. I had her take it to Nikon and paid for a new ring and general CLA. 2 months later, I bought it back from her so she could get some Leica glass! Since it was at nikon for the repair, I have had it mounted 2 times, indoors at 2 weddings. I also have the HK-4 hood, which has a small dent I caused by packing the hood itself poorly, it was not on the lens when it occurred.

So, I just arranged to get the Leica 24 from Tony at Popflash. He's happy to take my 28/1.4 and sell it, confident it'll fetch 3K quickly, he'd take 10%. So before I do this, I'd like to make it available to my friends here. I'll sell it for $2700 net. Save paypal with a check, otherwise 3%, you pay shipping. I guarantee satisfaction and will take it back within 2 weeks if not satisfied. Otherwise I'll just buy it back from you in a few years. ;>}

I prefer direct contact at [email protected] thanks....Peter