I have a couple of filters left over from my M8.

Leica 46mm UV/IR complete with original packaging. Used but in excellent condition

Leica 60mm UV/IR complete with original Packaging, Very lightly used, in mint condition.

Leica 55mm UV/IR comes with original case but no outer box, slight cleaning marks but in good condition.

Leica UVOOF UV Summarex 1:1.5/85 or Hektor 1:2.5/125 original UV filter comes in original packaging, filter is in mint condition.
Be aware for use on Summarex, this filter makes it very difficult to put on the lens shade, can be done but it's tight.

I'm guessing these filters are worth between 60 and 80 depending on the size, no idea if anyone needs a UV for the Hektor or Summarex but I'm open to offers,