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Thread: WTB: Lotsa stuff.

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    WTB: Lotsa stuff.

    Greetings to all!

    Just managed to convince the wife to let me buy some more toys. (damn lot of convincing it took. )

    As such, was looking for:

    1. Leica 35 asph summicron. Preferably minty with box, etc. But let me know whatcha have.

    2. Leica 50 cron. Tabbed version without the built in hood. Canada/german ok.

    3. 43mm lens + finder for Mamiya 7.

    4. Canon 5d or 1ds mk1.

    I'm in the midst of spring cleaning and should have some leica/VC/konica hexar lenses to sell soon.

    References available. Have been buying/selling on RF/FM/evilbay under trev2401.

    Drop me a PM here and i'll get back to you asap!

    Thanks for looking!


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    Re: WTB: Lotsa stuff.

    Just thought i should add: Although i'm a new member , i've been reading the threads here for quite a while, and prefer it to a lot of other fanboy forums out there.
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