Leica 90mm Summicron-M APO
6-Bit Coded
$1839 Shipped and Paypal'd within US

I purchased a 75mm Summilux and 90mm APO to see which focal length I prefer on the M8. Optically I feel the 90mm APO is much better than the 75mm Summilux, but 90mm is more reach than I need on the M. Also, F1.4 will work better for indoor shooting - which is what I'm trying to use the M8 for.

The 90mm APO focuses perfectly on my M8. I find the 90mm to be more forgiving that the 75mm too; wide-open on the 75mm Summiilux is not easy. The 90mm balances very nicely on the M8 w/ the Thumbs-up grip. A couple months ago I would not have tried larger lens like the 75 or 90, but after getting the Thumbs-up the larger lenses are much easier to handle.

The 90mm is excellent condition (see the pix below). The only blemish is some paint loss on the aperture ring and the knurling on the underside of the lens. The paint loss is not visible from top when the lens is mounted. Blasting 1200 watts of light at it makes the paint loss look more obvious in the pictures. In day-to-day use I don't notice at paint loss. Focus is silky smooth and the aperture turns & clicks as it should. The glass is perfect. There is no apparent dust. The APO is 6-bit coded; this was done via Solms by the previous owner.

Sale includes the original caps, Leica leather case, instructions, packaging and the original box.