For sale I have one Linhof M679 CC body with a few bits and bobs thrown in thatíll get you pretty close to actually taking pictures. Included are the body, two sets of bellows (normal and wide angle), Ground glass adapter back with two focus screens as pictured, plastic fresnel screen (has scratches but works fine), Three front lens mount plates, two flat and one 25mm (4X) recessed plate which youíll need for anything wider than 45mm. All Linhof OEM items. Documentation and the OEM crate. I am the second owner and have had it about three years. There is a newer model though I researched this before purchase and saw no advantage for the extra $. The additional one dimension of leveling added is unnecessary if you have a leveling base on your tripod. The CC has rise and shift on the back OR the front, the newer CS has rise and shift on the back and the front. The M679 is symmetrical thus the front is whichever end you decide to put the lens on (unless your goal is a selfie). The unit is nearly flawless cosmetically and I can detect no functional abnormalities. Asking $2375 for everything EXCEPT the lens/shutter pictured. I will cover payment fees OR shipping.

More pics in the earlier thread;