Anyone who is looking at getting into medium format or someone who just wants to add to what they already have Iím selling my mint condition H6D100c with 4 lenses for a fixed price of £18967.
The set consists of:
Hasselblad H6D100c
Hasselblad HC 50mm II
Hasselblad HC 100mm orange dot
Hasselblad HC 150mm N
Hasselblad HC 300mm
Hasselblad HC batteries x 3
Hasselblad battery charger
I also have a selection of filters, cable release L bracket etc etc that I will throw in.

All of the above are in mint condition. Individual photos can be sent to you if needed once I get home. Iím currently visiting family in the uk and will be returning back home to Phuket Thailand at the end of the camera gear is in Phuket.
Personally the best way to buy this gear at this incredibly low price is to jump on an airplane and fly over to Phuket to see it for yourself, if after you see it you decide to buy it I will give you back 50% of an economy class ticket from the uk to Phuket, current price of an economy class ticket is about 6 to 700 quid.

If you prefer to have it shipped to the UK I can do that but I would imagine that the import duty plus Vat would be way more expensive than a 2 to 14 day holiday in Thailand

Iím not interested in selling individual items, I will sell it as a package.
Anyone interested please PM me.