Horseman SW612P technical camera bundle. Includes everything in the photos: Body, 6x9 film holder, 45mm Rodenstock Apo 4.5 lens (newer version with the 67mm filter thread), viewfinder with masks, ground plate, dark slide, 67mm B+W UV filter, 67mm 10-stop x4 breakthrough ND filter, and a nice strap. All items in excellent condition with no marks on the lens and only minor signs of use anywhere on the body. The film back is in great user condition but holds the most visual wear since parts of it are plastic and prone to scratches. VF and lens are both clear. Shutter is smooth and accurate.

No dust or haze inside the lens. Any specks in the images are on the surface and can be blown away. The body has some marks from normal use, particularly the area where the dark slide enters and exits shows wear but no real damage. The ground-glass is mostly unused and works perfectly well.

I purchased this for a project about a year ago and decided to hold onto it because I enjoy it a lot. Looking to place this camera into a new happy home. It’s handholdable yet still offers generous shift and is significantly cheaper than the Alpa and Arca Swiss series.

Price is firm with or without the filters. I added those for your own benefit as I have no use for that thread size anymore.


Price: $2900USD + Shipping

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