OK, I'm having a bit of a change of priority, giving up my day job in newspapers and as such I'm looking at changing my own personal kit. I have Leaf Aptus back with around 8000 shots on it c/w boxes and 4 batteries, a Blad 503cx, 80mm cf with pro hood and a 40mm C that is mint with case and hood (serviced 2007). This kit is overkill for what I'm gonna be shooting over the next few years. I want to get an EOS 1ds mk3 so I can still shoot stock but also freelance press and PR stuff where the Blad is just a bit slow. I'm only putting feelers out just now but if there is anyone after a good MFDB set up and have Canon stuff to they want to shift then give me a shout. I am in the UK but will happily ship anywhere.