I'm selling my very comprehensive Visoflex III kit. This is the perfect set up for the M8 and is in excellent cosmetic and operating condition. The only thing that it needs is a cleaning of the viewfinder which has accumulated dust over the years. This is a typical situation and I've been told that it is not difficult to remedy. Other than that the Visoflex is in wonderful shape.

As you can see from the pictures it includes the following:

- Visoflex III with 90 degree viewer

- Bellows

- Leica item 16557Q in the original box (with price tag). I believe that this is the slide duplicator, but I have never used it.

- Six adapters: 16590N, 16464K, 16590, 16471J, 16558, and top left in the picture the adpater to attach an M mount lens to the Visoflex. This last item often gets separated from the Visoflex.

- A Hektor 135/f4.5 lens with Leitz SL filter and lens cap.This lens is in excellent optical and mechanical shape and good to very good cosmetic shape. It is a M mount. It also comes with adapter 16472K that is used when the lens head is detached from the body to attach it to the Visoflex.

This comprehensive package is all you need to start photographing with the Visoflex. The large number of adaptors should make it possible to use some of the lenses that you already own.

The price for the total package is $350 plus actual cost of packing and shipping.