This is an excellent instance of the Canon f/0.95 TV mount lens, which was converted to Leica M mount and 6 bit coded. The glass is clean and body is in great condition. I wouldn't call it mint, but it certainly is the best I've seen on the net and in real world.

I don't have the original hood, but will include a metal hood that I've bought from heavystar. The filter ring is a bit stiff, but you won't have any problem putting it on and off.

You can see some pictures of this lens at:

The lens will be shipped from Korea via EMS, which takes 4-5 business days to most countries in the world.

The price is $1850 shipped and paypaled to anywhere in the world. Send me interesting offers - I might bite:-)

I've bought and sold many items here and at other forums. You can also find my excellent eBay rating with my ID: wgcho.

Thanks for looking.