Have some odds and sods to go:

1. Hassy-Leica R adapter. Generic, but works well. US$30 shipped NORMAL post in NA.

2. Nikon-EoS adapter. Chipped for "180mm F4.0". Is the well regarded new version of the HappypageHK unit. Can be re-coded by Rudolph for nominal fee. US$55 shipped by normal mail in NA.

3. New large eyecup for DMR, R8, R9. Never used US$30 shipped normal mail in NA.

4. Nikon SB-24 flash w/Lumiquest Gel holder, gels and custom-cut IR gel (installed). Unit works properly in all respects and is in EX=EX+ cosmetic shape and is a well-regarded strobist fave. The IR gel allows unit to be used as a zero-contribution IR strobe trigger - something at which it excels.

Some velcro on unit of course. The Lumiquest gel holder works brilliantly, but I find the gel-holding window is a little too large and allow some slivers of un-corrected light by, so those slivers have been covered with gaffer. has no impact on gel installation, removal.

No pics of all small gear, but attached is SB-24 image.

US$100 again shipped by Normal Post in NA.

Will obviously talk discount on combos. Will discuss in trade: M645 Ext tube #1 or EFII 12mm tube.

Emails please