I have a spare 645AF body I'm unloading, along with some lenses. It's been loaned to a friend to play with, but he's not a film guy. He's just too lazy

I will be getting it back soon and will have photos then.

645AF kit: $650
80mm lens (with hood and caps)
Metz 40 flash with 3951 adapter and case
Film back
Poloroid back

150mm AF lens (with hood and caps): $300

45mm MF lens (with caps): $100

210mm MF lens (with caps): $100

Shipping at cost.

Buy the lot for $1000 and I will pay for shipping/insurance and throw in a sample selection of film. It's like getting the MF lenses free.

There might be a lens case or two in there as well.

Email me with questions.