I have to sell my Hasselblad gear in order to fund another aqcuisition. I would like to sell everything together as a set. However, if I find buyers for all the "big" stuff I might split it up.

Here's what I have:
- 501CM (black) with new style finder and Acute Matte D screen with grid and split screen. Body has quite a few scratches but works perfectly (has been CLA'd a few years ago)
- 150mm CF lens
- A12 back (black), matching serials, functions perfectly
- A12 back (black), matching serials, seems to overlap first two frames
- 12 back (chrome), matching serials, functioning condition
- A24 back (black), non-matching serials, lots of scratches but otherwise functional
- Polaroid 100 back
- Hasselblad Linear Polarizing filter
- Acute Matte D screen with crosshairs (like new)
- 21mm extension ring
- Kiev 45°prism
- Accessory spirit level
- Accessory flash shoe
+ a couple of aftermarket lens hoods and a golden darkslide!

Pictures of everything can be provided.

Am thinking of €1'300 + shipping from Switzerland for the whole set but price is negotiable.

I understand that the fact that this is my first post may put some buyers off but I can refer to numerous other forums where I have been registered for a long time under the same Username. Until today I didn't even notice that I wasn't registered here as I have been visiting it for quite some time.