Okay, so to make it simple, I'm moving to Sony system cause Sony has what I need. So in order to fund my Sony system, I decide to let go all these fine Pentax optics that I collect over the years.

Note: most of my lenses have the top B+W MRC UV filter on.

1. Pentax A 50mm/1.2: Well it's one of the brightest 50mm in the Pentax line. The A version is also widely accepted to be the better 50mm 1.2 in the series.

I kept this thing in perfect condition, no scratch, haze, or separation. I included a high-quality metal hood on this one, the UV filter, and Pentax front and rear caps. Cosmetic is near mint.

Price : $630 + shipping + Paypal fee

2. Pentax FA 77 LTD: Well, if you're a Pentaxian, you would know about the reputation of the FA Limited Trio. This 77/1.8 is one nice lens. I don't have the filter on or the box, but this one is in excellent condition with the original pouch and cap.

Price : $660 + shipping + Paypal fee

3. Pentax FA 31 LTD: The sharpest of the FA Limited line. This one is my most used lens, so cosmetically, it shows signs of usage (will include in the pictures). Otherwise, optically and mechanically, this one is in perfect condition. Original pouch and cap and the B+W filter

Price : $830 + shipping + Paypal fee

4. Pentax FA* 24: One of the most favorite lenses among Pentaxian! This one is discontinued, and because of the cult status, it does command a high price. Optics and mechanics are in perfect condition. Signs of use on the hood and faint sign on the body. Original pouch, cap, hood, and the B+W filter.

Price : $630 + shipping + Paypal fee

5. Pentax FA* 85/1.4: This one is the go-to lens for portrait work. Unfortunately, it has seen less use than it deserves because of the Sony 135 STF (nothing below $2k can beat this lens for portrait work). And I don't have a pouch for this one. Optically and mechanically perfect. It does show sign of use cosmetically.

Price : $1230 + shipping + Paypal fee

6. Voigtlander 125/2.5 Macro: The recent acquired "legendary" status macro lens! This is gotta be my sharpest lens. There was time that I shot with this lens for 1 month straight. Very nice. I have everything except the box. Even include the B+W filter. Original hood, metal cap, plastic cap. Optically and mechanically, this is in perfect condition. I really don't want to sell this at all, but...

Price : $1130 + shipping + Paypal fee

7. Pentax FA* 200/4 Macro: Simply put, a VERY RARE, legendary 200mm macro. From what i've seen, I would say it's the sharpest 200mm macro (just my opinion). Well, so why I sell it, even though, I did have a blast with this lens. Simply put, I need the money . The hood went through some rough time. Optically and mechanically, this one is perfect. Cosmetically, it does show sign of use. It took me 6 months to find and get one. Orginal cap, pouch, hood, and B+W filter.

Price : $3530 + shipping + Paypal fee

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Price can be negotiated if you buy more than one lens.

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