A friend is looking for a 28 cron and 50 lux asph. Pref 6-bit coding.

He has:
Mint XPanII with 45
Another 45
90mm without front cap
30mm with finder and the proper whats its name filter, but without hood and front cap. This is the only one that comes with the whats its name filter

I will get the rest of the description done later + pics if any interest in this kit. Glass is mint on all and the body + 45 is mint. I dont know about the rest yet, but I dont think that there is much cosmetic marks from usage at all.

We live in Oslo, Norway so stuff needs to be sent here. I also think he has a friend in the states that this can be sent to if you prefer that.

I would think that retail price of the equipment is about 6000$+ so a good chance to do a ok deal.

he is looking for a mint 50 lux asph with 6-bit and 28 cron with 6-bit. Thats about 5200$?

Send me a PM or a email at fotograf at erikfive dot com if you have interest in this kit.