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Thread: monitor profiling, two monitors

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    monitor profiling, two monitors

    macpro new one with 24" mac cinema display and eizo cg241w.
    I have profiled each and set each to use their individual profiles, or so I am assuming
    However, the same image seems quite different on each. for example, showing the same b/w screen desktop, the mac looks significantly brighter and the color tone is cold. the eizo is less bright and seems almost sepia.

    i would assume two profiled monitors would appear quite similar...isn't that part of the point?

    i tried this with two spectro devices: my old spyder 2 and Optivision (colormatch for the eizo) and a new eye one display and Eye one software for the mac, colormatch for the eizo. similar disparity.

    both monitors are run off a single graphics card

    any advice?

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    Re: monitor profiling, two monitors

    I doubt you can get them to look similar, at least use the same calibration spectro for both monitors to eliminate that variable.

    colourvision with their spyder 2 had a software upgrade to improve the accuracy a while back, and their is a chapter in their instructions about profiling multiple monitors-I use the spyder myself.

    that said, I have only ever seen two of the same type monitors side by side looking similar-ie; two cinema displays profiled with the same spectro. the eizo monitors all look substantially different to me than the apple displays, they are much more clamped down, but more linear and neutral.

    I'm sure their is some wisdom on this list tho...

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