Induro improved its "C" series, now called "CT".
Or maybe not a revision rather an addition as the C series is still available.

I've just got the CT414.
I am used to use wood tripods and first I thought: what, this hollow, light piece of gear will carry my camera and provide shake free shooting?
Well, it does. In fact it does very well.
My longest lens is a 4/120 macro. Admittedly this is not the toughest challenge but I simply have no longer or heavier lens. From 1/250'' up to 2'' exposure I can't see any motion blur in the images (Contax & P45). Subject was ~ 50meters distance, all legs fully extended; center column not extended.
I didn't compare it directly to one of my wood tripods but by now it looks really good. Too, I've not yet checked how resistant the tripod is against wind or ground vibration.

M. Reichmann once reviewed the C413:
Apparently Induro addressed the (few) issues in the CT series.
- the lock center column lock is really huge and it locks the center column in place
- the regular center column is quite short (too, it is reversible so that you can mount it upside down)

You can't remove the center column completely but with the bold center column lock I don't think you have to.
For me personally this is not an issue at all as I always use a center column; I rarely extend it but under certain circumstances I am happy about the few centimeters extra length.

You can unmount the top plate of the center column and can mount e.g. a leveling base directly on the center column (FWIW).

The package is well equipped including a nylon case with carry handle and shoulder strip as well as leg spikes and screw-wrenches for the spikes, the legs and the reversible tripod head mounting screw.

The CT series might be something to consider if you are looking for an easy and fast to handle high end tripod below the price range of the Gitzos.

Here's the complete feature list: