My wife is a graphic designer and was looking to replace her Sony widescreen 1920x1200 CRT. She doesn't like the pixel pitch on LCDs, to get anything smaller than about .28 one has to look at 30" screens.

We just finished packing up the NEC 30" for shipping back to B&H; it had a strong red color cast in the lower right corner and inconsistent brightness when viewing a solid grey desktop. NEC's snide, rude, and incompetent tech support made the decision a lot easier. Just one example, they asked for a screenshot of the issue, e.g. "Print Screen" key then paste into a file & email. IMHO it takes a special kind of stupid to think this will tell you anything about a monitor issue.

Note that B&H customer service is the usual top-notch; they were pleasant to work with and will pay for return shipping. No hassle whatsoever.

Now, on to the part where I'm hoping some forum members can help: She wants to go with the Eizo SX3031W. B&H says that nobody has returned an Eizo, ever. Good sign. What I'm wondering about is consistency of color/intensity across the screen. This monitor has what Eizo calls "DUE" technology which is supposed to create uniform color across the monitor.

Does anyone have any experience with this monitor? I'm looking especially for comments about first-hand experience regarding color/intensity uniformity.