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Thread: Best investment I made

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    Best investment I made

    One of the best investments I made into my recent photographic education, is my my yearly subscription to Photovision. They are a series of DVDs that arrive in the mail every other month. Each one contains 2-4 hours of professionals sharing all of their tips, secrets and taking you on their shoots. A few years ago, a fellow photographer from this GetDPI forum sent me a discount code to Photovision and I honestly thought it was going to be too good to be true. Not so. Worth WAY more that it costs to subscribe.

    I purchased Sandy Pucs Tots to Teens DVD set a few years ago also and while it was an amazing learning tool, I was disappointed when the Photovision DVD arrived in the mail featuring Sandy Puc. I learned almost as much watching the Photovision segment as I did watching the $400 set I purchased directly from her.

    If you are serious about improving your photography, learning how the pros do it and making more sales, then make one of the best investments you can and subscribe to Photovision!

    If you would like to receive the same discount that I was given when I joined, you can follow this link:
    and use the code PVFAN.

    You will get a year of Photovision for $39, instead of the regular price of $149. Which, quite honestly would still be a great deal!

    By using that link, I get a free year if a certain number of people sign up. That said, I believe in their product as I have benefited so much from it. I count my collection of Photovision DVDs one of my prized possesions!

    If you have joined in the past, what do you think?
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    Re: Best investment I made

    I think your link is broken...

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Best investment I made

    Thanks, Ray. Sorry about that!

    The link is:
    Code: PVFAN.

    Not sure how to edit the original post since a comment has been made. This link will work, though.


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