Hi folks,
I'm based overseas so I only have a couple weeks stateside to gear up.
I do portraits with a P45, RZ ProIID and Ranger lights.

As Doug Peterson has pointed out, we are looking at one to two years before a wireless straight-to-iPAD preview can be had...unless new things have come up?
Which would be really nice, as I find the P45 LCD to be useless for me. Also, I am often in rough or really poor areas, and the thought of having a Macbook on a stand - even if it gives me a iPAD preview thru a wireless App - is not very wise an option.

I wonder if anyone could weigh in on the options I've come across for the next best thing:

1. If DSLR shooters can use a Eye-fi SD card to have instant preview while writing straight to the same card, why can't I use the same Eye-fi on a CF-SD adapter and achieve the same with a P45? Pardon me if I'm missing something really obvious. Eve with a battery-powered router, that'd still be less gear than a laptop, hood and stand.

2. The MB Air has no FW ports so that's out. The netbook way seems to work but they're now close to the price of an iPAD ($999) - and I'd rather get the iPAD for media consumption reasons, self-education, portfolio, etc...
Is there a refurbished Mac laptop option? still have to more research..

But then, I already own a loaded 17" MacBook Pro, so it seems kinda silly to blow big bucks on yet another laptop, albeit smaller by a few inches.

3. The iPAD Hyperdrive - shoot a bit, pull the CF card, back up to the Hyperdrive, select a few shots, transfer to the iPAD and check focus and lighting...
Has anyone used the Hyperdrive? Is the LCD good enough to zoom in and check focus on a RAW file?

All thoughts appreciated. I'll probably end up chilling, enjoy my iPAD for its own merits, and just accept that present-day tech isn't there yet - and focus on the joy of what's in front of me.
many thanks.