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Thread: USB3 Card reader, wow but that's fast!

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    USB3 Card reader, wow but that's fast!

    I wasn't sure there was any point in upgrading from my Sandisk Extreme USB 2 card reader which has served me faithfully for all these years. I use Sandisk Ultra cards with a speed of 30mb/s which is about the usb 2 standard if I'm not mistaken so didn't see the point.

    The Lexar USB 3 reader is very cheap however so I picked one up.

    I ran a small test, 120 RAW files from a Sandisk Ultra CF card using the Sandisk Extreme USB 2 reader vs the Lexar USB 3 reader.

    USB 2 = 95 seconds.
    USB 3 = 35 seconds.

    Now I don't know about you but that is going to put a smile on my face at the end of a wedding or a long day of shooting!

    I came back from a shoot last night with 146 frames on the card, put it in, copied over, the files had finished copying before I'd managed to open bridge and navigate to the appropriate folder. I like!
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    Re: USB3 Card reader, wow but that's fast!

    Anyone using a USB 3.0 host adapter on a Mac Pro?

    OWC lists a couple, e.g.

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