Well one of my 2TB drive in the back up system just gave up the ghost.

I have ~2TB of images right now, and sure to grow

I know there were a few discussions on back up systems for photos, but I don't think tape back up got much attention. Anyone using it?

I am more or less down to choosing between tape back up or Amazon Glacier.

The nice thing about Glacier is that it is entirely offsite. The major downside is that while it is much cheaper than other online storage, at $0.01 per GB per month, with 2TB of data, that's still $240 per year and will be more as I take more photos.

The nice thing about tape is that it is cheap enough ($60-$100 per 2 TB) that I can make at least one duplicate copy. The downside is that the initial equipment purchase costs $1300-$1800 (and up) and I will have to find an offsite solution.

The default is to continue with hard drive back up. The major problem is reliability. For business data, I have a a RAID netstation and multiple back up on different systems, but for photos, doing the same is just not fiscally viable.

Any thoughts?