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Thread: Nikon V versus the 5000 film scanner?

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    Nikon V versus the 5000 film scanner?

    I'm starting back doing film in my IIIG (may even start doing my developing) and I see I need a scanner.

    Those who have used the two Nikon's what are your feeling about them?

    Also Nikon's software vs Vuescan vs Silverfast?

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    Re: Nikon V versus the 5000 film scanner?

    The Nikons are pretty good for what they are.
    I have the Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 and have used the 9000. I take it these are the two you are referring to.

    My impressions were the 9000 did not do as good a job on 35mm as the dedicated 35mm format scanner. But donít ask me to prove it.

    I use the Nikoscan software and donít have a problem with it. The Analogue Gain feature is indispensable.

    Both Nikoscan and Vuescan allow for ďexposure controlĒ I donít think Silverfast does or it didnít? when I looked at it years ago now, could be mistaken.

    The instruction manual for the Nikon Scanners and software is hopeless which is probably why many users went with Vuescan or Silverfast

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