Hi all

In a couple months time I am going to be on a month along assignment where I will be going out on the open sea, along the hidden and ignored coastline of my local county, making a fine art series of landscapes and portfolio of nature. I will be taking only the barebones; my MF digital cameras and lenses, tripod and Lee filters. I will be shooting both from the water; on one man crafts such as jet skis and kayaks, larger power boats and sail boats, as well as also climbing and abseiling the rocky cliff-faces which have never before been traversed.

So for all this I need a new, more portable and wearable camera bag/backpack, and would greatly appreciate some recommendations from fellow GetDPI'ers. I currently use ThinkTank Airport Addicted bag for my normal on location work, carrying lots of lighting and stands too. These are not comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, especially when being active, and also have bad straps and cushioning. I will need something just for the basics I mentioned above. I have been recommended Koenig PhotoBags, which seems to be just what Im looking for, but despite all my trying I can not connect with or contact them. If anyone has any direct email address or phone number for them in Germany they wouldnt mind passing on to me that'd be great!

In terms of the bag being waterproof, I know bags and their protection can only do so much - I am not naive enough to put all my eggs in one water resistant basket, but I like to try and get all the cover I can! Submersible upto 1meter would be enough as the bag will always be tethered to me and/or the boat. And if anyone has any recommendations of bags which have a waist strap also that would be a useful addition.

Thank you all - looking forward to seeing your bag recommendations