Goodday everyone!

I am currently working on my thesis about camera bags/cases. My aim is to redesign and rethink them from scratch.

Besides the actual design I want you to think about ingenious features and of a camera bag as extension of photography.
Iíve created a survey (german/english) anyone can participate in.
>> to the survey: Umfrage zu Kamerataschen / Survey on camera bags (Deutsch/English) <<
Itís interesting and well programmed, so you get the least possible questions based on your answers. (2-10mins)
There are a few ďotherĒ-checkboxes and text-answers, which can be particularly useful to me!

Now, if you have any thoughts on this subject, please let me know. You donít have to reveal your million-dollar-idea - but maybe there is something you really like or hate about your current bag - and of course things that you really want to see in a camera bag.

Thank you to everyone who participates - maybe I will put it on the market someday so you have your part in it ;-)