I put one in this morning, which means that at least 80% of you can, too. Ran Disk Utility on the old HD, put the SSD with a MaxUpgrades adapter (http://www.maxupgrades.com/istore/in...Product_ID=180) into the box, and ran Carbon Copy Cloner. Replaced the old HD with the cloned SSD, changed it's name to Mac HD, and voila! (Of course, I turned the machine off when changing drives.)

I am not recommending this as one of our leading computer geeks (I mean experts) says it makes more sense to wait for the faster enterprise SSDs to come down in price, but I know there are probably one or two of you who don't have much sense. If you're interested in doing this, Lloyd Chambers talks about it here: http://macperformanceguide.com/Mac-LightingFast.html