I am currently testing Carbonite online backup as an offsite backup solution. The software is very well done and the price is right: Unlimited backup space for $54.95/year. That's right, per year!

The only drawback I can see right now is it's speed. Currently my system is averaging about 4GB/day which means my lump storage of 622 GB will take about 155.5 days to back up. I do not recommends this as a near-line backup but more as a secondary/tertiary backup.

My current setup works as follows: My Mac Pro performs primary backup using Time Machine. Documents are sync'd with a Windows Home Server using Chronosync for secondary backup, and Carbonite handles tertiary backups off site.

So from where I stand right now, unless some natural disaster destroys my home, I will just have to hang in there for 5 months till my offsite backup is done.

I will update this post as I gather more info. I will publish a full article on my website.