I am preparing some photographic work for a client using a dye sublimation process that is bonded to aluminum. My service bureau (a very small operation) offers a 24"x36" print for $50-75. I have agreed to shoot a series of panoramic landscapes, and will be tiling two or more of these prints for his application. One example of how this looks can be found here. I don't personally know any newlyweds that would go for this kind of thing, especially so large.

I'm fishing for input on mounting and displaying dye sub prints. Two great things about this print medium are durability/rigidity and UV resistance. It does not need cover glass, but it has a rich, glossy surface. Viewed edgewise, the thin sliver of aluminum backing can be seen, while the print cross-section has a film-like appearance which looks more delicate than it actually is.

I don't really care for the viewer to see the print's edges, but I think that applying a border could be distracting, particularly if the work is tiled and arranged as a diptych or triptych. Do you think a series of floating mounts would be more attractive (see this page)?

I have not priced any of the options and am very open to display/mounting suggestions. Cheers !