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Thread: Jewelry photographs - need feedback

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    Jewelry photographs - need feedback

    Hi guys

    I just get star to shooting jewelry commercial photo, so want to know about the price in the market. I hope to hear some information about how to determine the price for a photo shoot and your advice.
    By the way, I am a freelance photographer, but I am willing to invest my gears like digital back.

    here have some photos that I would like to share, and I shoot with 4X5 large format and DSLR camera. Please tell me the right price that I can make with there kind of commercial photo.
    Thank you so much !!

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    Re: Jewelry photographs - need feedback

    Lovely Dioscorea leaves in the background of the 4th image.
    Commercial fees are generally based on usage – more exposure for longer campaigns across more media = higher fees. You should check out some of the commercial pricing aids (e.g., photoquote pro).

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    Re: Jewelry photographs - need feedback

    Very nice

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    Re: Jewelry photographs - need feedback

    Good. I like it!

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