Like most of my photographer friends ....I picked up the new iPad and then the MacBook Retina ...expecting the new screen to display my photographs with a new found brilliance . It seemed a little better but no one seemed to give it a 2nd thought. So much for the hype or so I thought .

During the Olympics I finally caved in and paid the NYT for the content and downloaded the iPad version . If this isn t a game change for photographers ...I will be surprised . The NYT is one of the few content sites that have upgraded to display photographs on a retina screen .

Those same images that looked pretty good on my older MacBook ....look 3D on a iPad retina . I have never seen this much detail displayed with such brilliance .

Also found a on line magazine iPhotographer (by Michael Freeman) that utilizes the full capabilities often iPad and retina screen . Imbedded audio discussion of photographs by Steve McCurry is about as good as it gets . I have seen SM work many many times including his gallery prints at enormous enlargements ...they have more detail on the iPad screen .

If you believe that 40MP subjects your images to a detailed inspection of your technique ..wait until you see them properly displayed on a retina screen .