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Thread: snow leo aperture and epson

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    snow leo aperture and epson

    Hi , I upgraded to Snow leopard and now printing from aperture , the printer settings have changed , it doesn't have colorsync option any more in the color management , and it was the one that worked perfect for me .

    so did this happen to anybody , I have a small epson stylus photo R285

    Thanks .

    Ah , I tried LR3 , but I'm not clear on how I should set it .

    printer manage and no color management in printer , or?

    chose the epson premium gloss and no printer color management ?? or ? other

    thanks again


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    Re: snow leo aperture and epson

    I think I solved the problem !!

    I changed to LR and now every thing is perfect , printing is easy a accurate , and I'm liking it .


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