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Thread: LR3 using Lr2 history?

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    LR3 using Lr2 history?

    To test LR3 and see for myself if the raw conversions of the M9 files would be better:

    1. I exported 6 files from Lr2 as originals to a folder. Originals not DNG s . No .xmp sidecars .

    2. I referenced the test files and imported them into Lr3. Lr3 recognized all the history from LR2 including cropping etc.

    3. Taking the same folder of 6 files into Capture One they were all recognized as originals.

    4. By reseting the images in the develop module..I could eliminate the history from LR2 .

    5. Going back to LR2 I reset the history as well.

    6. Now I had 3 conversions ..all open at the same time and set for compare. The C1 as expected was sharper and generally better ...but the two LR files were exactly the same? No improvement and not different.

    7. Went back and found the original ...made a copy and put it in the test folder. Imported it into L3 with all the default settings. Much better.

    This could have significant implications for a work flow uses LR2 and LR3..some better some worse. But its not supposed to work this way.

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    Re: LR3 using Lr2 history?

    Lr3 introduces the idea like aperture of raw version processing-since the demosaicing is different in Lr3 you can choose to view the new way or the old way.

    Is this what is going on- Lr3 is respecting the versioning of Lr2 that the file first experienced? and the last file is only seeing the new version processing? Can you not take the reverted Lr2 file in Lr3 and change the raw version processing and make it identical to the final Lr3-only file?

    I have been following this Lr3 thing from a distance since I only have a powerPC mac.

    If I could ask a question: are you seeing any multi-core or multi-processor support in Lr3? Lr2 and Ps both do a poor job of saturating the cores, was wondering if Lr3 was better: thinking of upgrading to a MacPro-if Lr3 is not using all 8 cores for example then a higher speed 4 core should be fine.

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