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Thread: Lumix G1 - PS Elements & Aperture

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    Leslie Kelley

    Lumix G1 - PS Elements & Aperture

    My wife shoots a lot with the G1, but not in RAW. She needs relatively simple editing -- PS Elements 8.0 has sufficed. But she does EXTENSIVE cataloging of current and many years' worth of photos -- from scanned to new stuff. We're moving her to an Imac 27" Quad-Core i7 with 8 GB RAM. I'm impressed by Iphoto for cataloging, but suspect Aperture 3.0 would be better for wife's volume of work. 1) Do we Elements for the Mac, or does Aperture's limited processing emulate PSE's? 2) I still shoot primarily in RAW with Canon 10D, not a lot of volume, but higher level of processing. Does this need alter the software equation? Although I use my MacBook Pro, the licensing of Apple software means we can share APERTURE, but I think we'd have to get additional Elements license?

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    Re: Lumix G1 - PS Elements & Aperture

    Les, from what I can tell Aperture will do the trick. But for processing large batches of files in either RAW (preferred) or JPGs you might want to look into Adobe's "Lightroom 2". There you can pretty much set up all the parameters at once and then process your files en masse while filing and storing them. Like PSE it's a minimalist in it's offering of software functions (vs the full Blown Photoshop) but it has more nuances and speed than PSE. It's also very intuitive and easy to use.

    Oh yeah...all the software is available for Mac.
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