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Thread: Lightroom Catalog Quandry

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    Lightroom Catalog Quandry

    The prior assistant who set up Lightroom for me made some kind of mistake in the import function and I now find I have 54 Lightroom catalogs!

    I have just upgraded to Lightroom 3 and would like to combine all the catalogs into one.

    There are some possible problems.

    During the past seven years, I have used three different cameras--Canon 10D, 5D and 5D2. I am concerned that some of the images may have the same file number and so may be seen as duplicates by Lightroom. All of my cameras have been set up to record file numbers consecutively.

    The changes made to a photograph in one Lightroom catalog could be different than changes made in a prior catalog. Is there some way to find the dates on the catalogs so that we import the latest first? In this way, I hope to get the lastest changes on each image.

    Finally, how should we set up the import function in Lightroom to make sure this does not happen again?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Lightroom Catalog Quandry

    Are sure you are not looking at your backup catalogs ? LR provides option on the frequency and location of catalog backups.

    Normally if you were working with discrete catalogs they would match a shoot. Like a catalog supporting a wedding shoot. If the same image is in the 54 catalogs it is more likely a version (dated ) ...kept as a backup. Your catalog as of a date.

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