I have a Ricoh GX-100 on order and I'm investigating what I will need as far as software goes to start a digital workflow that will mainly be catalog oriented, with limited processing (mainly B&W conversion). I found a page on ImpulseAdventure that compares photo catalog software and I will go for the 30 day trial of idImager. Unfortunately, they stopped shipping the free version

Now, what else do I need ?
- RAW conversion: is this delivered with the camera ? Any good reason to buy another program (CaptureOne/SilkyPix/...) ?
- processing: I guess I can use the GIMP for most needs ? I need to play around with it a bit more to get a feel of the layers-curves-b&W etc., but I expect GIMP is more than capable enough for me.
- is it *really* necessary to buy a hardware solution to calibrate my screen ? I don't have a photo printer and I'm not planning to get one. But I prefer to get my own look and to tell the printer that they should print it as-is, without adjustments. (I've had strange effects when having a photo of red saussages on a red background printed in a shop ). My monitor is about 4 years old, so I wouldn't be surprised if the colours are off.
- anything else ? I have RAID and I'm not planning to take backups any time soon... if my house burns down, the photos will be the least of my worries.